Brandon routh

Explore the journey of Brandon Routh, from portraying the iconic Superman to becoming a beloved member of the Legends. Discover his impressive filmography and get to know the man behind the superhero.
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. Well there goes my plans to spend all Halloween week posting scary scenes in the morning instead of the usual plain ol' beefcake wake-me-up's. Brandon Routh pushed those shorts that low for a reason, and that reason is -- he will not be ignored! And I have no desire to ignore, so we're on the same page. These are from some show called The Exes (via) - I can't keep up with what shows he's on, it feels like he's been on twenty different ones within the past five years. There was that gay…

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. I'd like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to Dave Annable for not watching 666 Park Avenue and therefore personally insuring its cancellation and his momentary unemployment - I watched about five minutes of it and I immediately slipped into a coma, and by the time I was awakened it was too late to save you. My apologies. Same goes for you, Scott Speedman! Last Resort was an apt title, though. Oh and Partners! I never knew thee. Because you kept Brandon Routh clothed the whole…

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