Branding 101

Discover the fundamentals of branding and learn how to build a strong brand identity with Branding 101. Take your business to the next level and create a memorable brand that resonates with your target audience.
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Who is this post for? It’s for you if: You've been in business for awhile, and now you want to raise your prices and be more competitive, so you need to create a premium experience for a certain type of customer. You’re just starting out and are unsure of what kind of business you really want

Almene Cloete
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Let’s get the facts straight, branding activities, such as designing your logo, building your website, or writing a mission statement, are not what creates your brand. Confused? This is because the brand itself lives inside the mind of the customers, so your business does not actually "create&q

Romelyn Cristy
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Branding has become one of the most confused and complicated topics in online business. It has been broken down and put back together out of order. Some parts of it have been beaten half to death and some parts go unnoticed. When you’re just getting into online business, people are eeeeeeverywhere

Haley Bennett
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Often times people think branding is a color palette and logo– and it is, but it’s also so much more. Branding is the heart, soul, and spirit of a business in visual form. It invites viewers into a story and allows them to feel something they can connect with. While branding can be complicated, I w

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A brand message is a compilation of strengths, differentiators, your value proposition, tagline, elevator pitch, a detailed understanding of your audience, storylines that resonate with your target audience, and more. Although that sound like a lot, the best messages are clear, consistent, relatable, inspiring, and compelling. They make it a no-brainer to get involved with […]

Kat - The Brand Architect.
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“Why do you do what you do?”– this is probably one of the hardest and most confusing questions I ask my clients…. And I love it! *evil laugh* You see, all business foundations are built on three levels: (1) WHAT you do, (2) HOW you do it, and (3) WHY you do it. And the […]

Craig Sevde