Boxer rebellion

Explore the causes, impact, and legacy of the Boxer Rebellion in this comprehensive guide. Learn how this historic event shaped China's history and its significance in the modern world.
Part I. The Boxer Rebellion (1899-1900) In the last years of the nineteenth century, a new movement - secretive, mystical, militaristic, and anti-Christian - began to take form among the Chinese, the "righteous and Harmonious Fists." They were referred to as "the Boxers," a snickering and demeaning condescending reference to their martial arts practices and routines. Boxer Rebellion, Anti Christianity, Military Drawings, Chinese History, Film Inspiration, British Colonial, Historical Art, Art Masters, Historical Pictures

This edited article about Kung-fu originally appeared in Look and Learn issue number 697 published on 24 May 1975. The Boxer Rebellion brought about the siege of the British legation in Peking by Andrew Howat Bands of men could be seen carrying out a strange ritual all over the Shantung province of China in the […]

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