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Discover the most captivating and memorable book titles that will leave you wanting more. Find inspiration for your next great read with these top book titles.
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Looking to title your up-and-coming YA novel (especially if it’s fantasy or science fiction)? Say no more! I have a foolproof formula for coming up with captivating, marketable, and *totally original* YA book titles. Behold, the definitive YA book title generator!!! Warning: snarkiness ahead. Title Your YA Novel in 3 Easy Steps So, I don’t […]

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Title: The XVIIIth Century: Its Institutions, Customs, and Costumes, France, 1700-1789 Author: Paul LaCroix Publication: Chapman and Hall, London Publication Date: 1876 Book Description: This book is a history of the Eighteenth Century, covering in illustrations and text the years 1700-1789, ending with the fall of the monarchy and the beginning of the French Revolution. It discusses in depth the different aspects of society in France, divided into chapters. Some plates are color, though…

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Choosing the perfect title for a story is tough. There's no real process to it, no formula. Or is there?Despite being one of my most requested articles, I delayed writing this piece on titling because I never quite knew what tips to offer. The whole process seemed so subjective! But the other week I had a revelation; there's far more of a science to choosing the perfect book title than I'd suspected.After studying book titles pretty intensively these past few weeks, I realized that whether a…