Book theme centerpieces

Add a touch of literary charm to your event with these creative book theme centerpieces. Explore unique ideas to make your tables come alive and captivate your guests.
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Literary Love: A Book-Themed Bridal Shower - Ice Cream Off Paper Plates

Another one for the “books”! We threw a perfect shower for Roberta, my second and last sister to get married. My younger sis is a true bibliophile (i.e. lover of books). She’s an English teacher studying to become a librarian. So this bride-to-be clearly needed a book-themed shower. And since I love books almost as …

Rachel Henry
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Book Themed Weddings! Literary-themed favors, centerpieces & ideas

A literary themed wedding is the perfect wedding theme for book nerds everywhere! We've compiled a list of book themed wedding favors, literary inspired centerpieces and more creative ways to create a book themed wedding!

Jackie Simpson
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I Helped Throw a Book-Themed Baby Shower!

I helped throw a book-themed baby shower and it was so much fun! My cousin, who is a librarian, was pregnant with her first, so her baby shower obviously had to be book-themed. Lol. So me and two of my other cousins started planning way back in January, and here is how things turned out... The Party I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was just so busy the day of dealing with unfrosted cupcakes lol, but I did manage to take a couple. This is our main dessert table where we have some…

Andrea Johnston
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7 Vintage Wedding Centerpieces Ideas for 2024 Couples

Vintage weddings are on top today.Give a stylish nod to the past with nostalgic details.Vintage weddings never go out of fashion.Many couples rock such ideas because vintage is charming, sweet and extremely romantic! Actually, creating a vintage centerpiece is really simple – pick a vintage vase, bottle or even a kettle and add some beautiful flowers. Vintage tea cups,candle holders, even tin cans with flowers will comprise a wonderful vintage centerpiece, and then you can add some details…

Heather Hetrick