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I ❤ crazy quilting . . . BoHo Bag Tutorial- Size and How Many Pockets? First some answers before you even asked the questions . . .   I thought it a lot before I began and here are the things I felt were important to me: Please read . . . Quilts, Patchwork, Carpet Bag, Quilted Bag, Patchwork Bags, Boho Bag, Boho Purses, Hippie Bags, Boho Bags

This is a step by step tutorial on how Susie Wolfe and I made our BoHo bags.... If I don't explain something well enough or you feel I have left out a step... please comment and with your help it should end up being a useful tutorial... I'm going to not only tell you how we did it but why we made some of the decisions I did along the way.. This is my bag on the left..The flap is on the front and a pocket on the back. This is Susie's bag which has no flap and a pocket on both sides. Size and…

Sondra Sweeney