Blue hawaii cocktail

Quench your thirst with these delicious and tropical Blue Hawaii cocktail recipes. Learn how to make this iconic drink and transport yourself to a tropical paradise with just one sip.
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The Blue Hawaiian is as blue as Hawaii’s Pacific Ocean thanks to blue curacao. This Hawaiian-born recipe honors Hawaii’s famous tropical bounty, blending rum and vodka with pineapple juice. The sweet and sour mix adds a powerful flavor explosion that hides the alcoholic bite of white rum and vodka. Don’t forget the tropical umbrella garnish! #BlueHawaiianCocktail

Christy Barker
Vodka, Shot Glass, Tableware, Glass

This Blue Hawaii cocktail is the sweet, fruity, summer drink that you've been craving. It evokes feelings of sitting on a beach, by a tiki bar at an exotic resort, or a cruise ship pool. the best part is you can have one any time in your own home.

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Transport yourself to a tropical oasis with our easy-to-make Blue Hawaii cocktail! Learn about its origins and how to create this iconic drink that bursts with flavor and vibrant blue hues. Click here to read now and discover the secrets behind this classic recipe. Save for later to bring a taste of Hawaii to any occasion!

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