Blood orange martini

Indulge in the refreshing and tangy flavors of a blood orange martini. Discover top recipes to create this delightful cocktail and impress your guests at your next gathering.
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A blood orange Martini is a version of the vodka Martini, with added blood orange juice to bring it color and flavor. It does not have vermouth at all, but it does have triple sec to aid the citrus notes in blood orange. In a way it resembles a Cosmopolitan, but far less sour since it doesn't have cranberry juice and as much lime as a Cosmo.

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Try this simple summer cocktail! It's a vodka cocktail featuring blood orange juice. Not only is this blood orange martini recipe colorful and aromatic, but it also has a delicious, balanced flavor! You'll love this alcoholic drink! Alcohol, Parties, Vodka, Summer, Ideas, Blood Orange Martini, Vodka Cocktails Recipes, Vodka Cocktails, Classic Vodka Cocktails

I like the citrus flavor and for a long time I wanted to create this cocktail, blood oranges are very difficult to find in Mexico, therefore I had not tried their floral and citrus flavor until now that I live in the United States. This blood orange martini is colorful, aromatic, and delicious, it has a balanced and drinkable flavor!

Mélanie Leroux