Black rabbit

Uncover the secrets of black rabbits and learn interesting facts about these enchanting creatures. Find inspiration and ideas for rabbit care, rabbit breeds, and more.
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196/365 Mr. Black Bunny

More Bunny shots below: This was a little black bunny that just showed up in my neighborhood one day. He mainly hung out across the street, I watched him chase crows out of the lawn, run around the tree kicking his floofy feet up behind him, and eat all the flowers out of the gardens. My sweet neighbor wanted to keep him, but knew she could not, she found a home for him. I hope he is happy eating someone elses garden. ;-) He was a cute neighbor.

Polissa Snow
Curiously Cute Facts About the Rex Rabbit Breed - Pet Ponder Nature, Painting Pantry, Bunny Breeds, Green Ember, Pig Habitat, Hare Watercolour, Pet Rabbit Care, Lapin Art, Low Maintenance Pets

Curiously Cute Facts About the Rex Rabbit Breed

The 'Rex' is a gentle, playful and intelligent breed of rabbit for all those looking for a lovable, low maintenance pet. Yes, they do eat a lot and they are most definitely messy. But, at least, they can be potty-trained more easily than others. (Phew, I was about to stop writing further when I typed in the word 'messy'). If it is a rabbit that you want, Rex is the perfect breed for all.

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