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Explore the lives and legacies of influential black presidents throughout history. Discover their contributions to politics and the world, and be inspired by their leadership and achievements.
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Traitors, hypocrites, cowards, liars… there are about a trillion different words for people who sell out their own kind, but there’s one we can all agree on: assholes. Here are 10 guys who betrayed their own communities, big time: 10Anthony Johnson Johnson was a plantation-owner who almost single-handedly introduced slavery to the Colony of Virginia;

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In 1934 President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Mr. Thomas Calhoun Walker as an adviser and consultant of Negro affairs for the Virginia Emergency Relief Administration, earning him the nickname of “Black Governor” of Virginia. Walker strongly believed in education for all people and became the superintendent of Gloucester Negro Schools.  He was noted for donating money to help build schools for African Americans in that county. Vintage, People, African Americans, Black Presidents, Calhoun, County, American, Gloucester Virginia, Famous Black Americans

Image Ownership: Public Domain Thomas Calhoun Walker, teacher, lawyer, and government official, was born into slavery on June 16, 1862 in a small cabin at Spring Hill in Gloucester County, Virginia. On January 1, 1863, when Walker was just a few months old, President Abraham … Read MoreThomas Calhoun Walker (1862-1953)

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BY WALTER OPINDE LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr. is a leading oncology surgeon and educator. As a doctor, he believes that the role of the medical school teacher is to “instruct, inspire, stimulate, develop talent, raise aspirations, and stretch the imagination.” He encourages his students to “strive for excellence and avoid using race as an ...

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