Bird garden

Transform your garden into a bird sanctuary by incorporating bird-friendly features. Find ideas on how to attract a variety of colorful birds and enjoy the beauty of nature right in your own backyard.
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22 Beautiful Garden Plans for Attracting Birds and Butterflies

Create a butterfly- and bird-friendly landscape with these garden plans. Each design includes a mix of plants that can provide nectar, seeds, and shelter to wildlife. Add a water source to further enhance the habitat.

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25 Backyard Bird Habitat Ideas

25 Backyard Bird Habitat Ideas. Creating a backyard bird habitat is a delightful way to bring a slice of nature closer to your home. By transforming your outdoor space, you provide a haven for birds and the opportunity to observe various species from your window. Having a bird-friendly space can give you countless hours of enjoyment, from the soothing sounds of birdsong to the flutter of wings as visitors explore your garden.

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The Complete Guide to Backyard Birdhouses: Attracting Feathered Friends

The Complete Guide to Backyard Birdhouses: Attracting Feathered Friends Unlock the secrets of a bird-friendly backyard with "The Complete Guide to Backyard Birdhouses: Attracting Feathered Friends."

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Farming Your Backyard in New Jersey

Farms and agriculture in Northwest New Jersey Skylands: Your backyard can be more than just an area you need to mow on Saturdays. Even on a small lot in a congested suburban area, you can grow enough food to put away dozens of quarts of delicious homegrown produce for consumption throughout the year. And it is fascinating to take note of the wide variety of wildlife with which you share your domain. You may even want to invite more!

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