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Microbiologists Create 'Starry Night' And Other Art With Bacteria For First Microbe Art Competition Microbiology, Tela, Bio Art, Art Bizarre, Petri Dishes, Petri Dish, Starry Night Van Gogh, Art Competitions, Wow Art

The AmericanSociety for Microbiologists has hosted its first international 'Agar Art' challenge, in which microbiologists from around the world used various microbes and germs to create beautiful works of art in petri dishes. The submissions included recognizable paintings like Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' as well as original microbe paintings.

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In an ethereal animation by London-based CGI artist Markos Kay, a mysterious world is in the process of forming. “aBiogenesis” reimagines the origin of life in a mesmerizing rendering of the lipid world hypothesis—a theory suggesting that the first self-replicating, cell-like objects were composed of a kind of fatty acid that could not dissolve in water. The hypothesis postulates that lipids may have formed into generative bilayers in the oceans. More

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