Billy bones

Uncover the secrets of Billy Bones and embark on an exciting adventure. Discover thrilling stories, hidden treasures, and a journey that will leave you wanting more.
Black Sails: Is Billy Dead? Films, Larp, Merlin, Punk, Billy Bones, Tom Hopper, Handsome Men, Toms, Actors

The crew of The Walrus on Starz's Black Sails (Saturday, 9/8c) suffered several casualties during its recent battle with The Andromache. But one very important life still hangs in limbo. In Episode 6, Capt. Flint (Toby Stephens) & Co. tried to devise a way to clear out the remaining men in The Andromache's hull in order to steal the remaining guns needed for The Walrus' upcoming quest to challenge the Spanish treasure galleon the Urca de Lima. But while on board The Andromarche…

Jenna Altmeyer