Bike cleaning

Keep your bike in top condition with these effective cleaning tips and tricks. Learn how to properly clean and maintain your bike for optimal performance and longevity.
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Winter riding can wear and tear bicycles quickly because of the grit and crud that gets all over the frame and components. Also, excessive moisture can remove essential lube from the drivetrain, which accelerates chain, cassette, chainring, derailleur pulley and front derailleur cage wear, too. This is why it’s best to clean bikes immediately after […]

Brenda Redmond
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There’s something disheartening about a dirty bike. You cringe at the creaks and grinds, avert your eyes from the grime, and roll out for a ride with shame that you haven’t maintained the machine that brings you so much joy. Good news: you’re just 5 steps away from breathing new life into your bike and…

Robert Massey