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Today I’m going to be comparing all the “best” gel pens to see which is truly the best for your bullet journal. For most of my bullet journal’s life, I’ve only used fineliners when I needed to write in black which works great! But sometimes you want to write a lot at once and you want a quick and smooth writing experience, which is what gel pens are perfect for. So I started branching out and trying different brands to see what I like best. I’m going to compare drying time, the…

Barbara Doughty
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One of our the newest store additions is Uni-Ball One. The Uni-Ball One is a gel pen with more vivid pigmented gel ink that doesn’t bleed though paper easily. And yesterday we did a test to compare the black color between different pens. Not all of the pens here are gel. Some of the pens are actually oil-based, which you can see a slight metallic reflection in closeup (bottom photo). The Uni-Ball One does have a really dark color, and more vivid color for sure. Most pens have really…

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