Best notes app

Take your note-taking to the next level with the best notes app available. Discover top recommendations to help you stay organized, capture ideas, and increase your productivity.
If you ever considered taking notes in a digital way you might have discovered that there are a lot of app out there that offer this. It might be overwhelming especially if you are a bit obsessive as I am when it comes to finding the perfect apps for things. That is why I have […] Ipad, Organisation, Planner, Notability Notes, Notes, Note Taking Tips, School Notes, School Organization Notes, Notability

This one is the second on my list of favorite apps for digital note-taking. The organizational system on this one is really simple. You have a column on the left of the app where you can write your main category (for me it's University) and under it, I have different sub-folders for every class that I have. Then in every sub-folder, you can create a note for everything that you need.

Amanda Soto