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Discover the intriguing field of behavioral science and how it influences our everyday lives. Learn about the latest research, theories, and practical applications to better understand human behavior.
The Three Laws of Human Behavior | | The BE Hub English, Physical Science, Physics Lessons, Behavioral Science, Physical Properties, Quantum Physics, Behavioral Economics, Newtons Laws Of Motion, Unintended Consequences

Human behavior is remarkably complicated. And yet, just as Newton's laws of motion distill three fundamental truths about the physical world, the three laws of human behavior describe three fundamental truths of human behavior: People tend to stick to the status quo unless the forces of friction or fuel push us them off their path; behavior is a function of the person and their environment; every decision includes tradeoffs and the potential for unintended consequences.

Mrs. Smith
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The middle of a global pandemic might seem like an odd time to focus on the limitations of science, the very discipline we’re hoping will save us. But when it comes to human behavior and cognition—and specifically, to reading—it can be misleading to draw conclusions based on scientific studies.