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8 great beer cocktails for St. Patrick's Day and Irish fare to go along with it! #beer #cocktails #craft-beer| Beer And Dessert Pairing, Resep Koktail, Beer Cocktail Recipes, Beer Crafts, Creative Cocktails, Wheat Beer, Beer Cocktails, Green Beer, Bourbon Cocktails

8 Great Beer Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day

Forget the green beer and try one of these 8 Great Beer Cocktails on St. Patrick's Day. Or what the heck, any day! If you're like me, it's been many years since you downed a green beer in the name of St. Patrick's Day - I mean, we're no longer in college and we have better taste than that, right!? Usually, I talk about wine or creative cocktails made from spirits, but there are also some great cocktails made with beer that are most definitely a tastier libation than the insipid beer and food…

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