Bath paint

Revamp your bathroom with these creative bath paint ideas. Add a splash of color and personality to your space with these easy DIY projects.
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DIY Kids Bath Paint

Homemade kids bath paint is so easy to make with only 3 simple ingredients in 10 minutes! Your kids and toddlers will have tons of fun with this DIY bath paint. Do you have kids or toddlers at home that could use a little bath time entertainment? I made DIY bath paint this week and it has been so much fun. We have bought our toddlers bath paint before, but I never knew how easy it was to make. Not only that, but I was able to make a lot of it for a fraction of the price of buying

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Homemade Bath Paint with Shaving Cream {So Easy!} - One Beautiful Home

The best advice I received as a new parent - came from my Grandmother. "When all else fails, give them a bath" I upped the bath game with this easy non-toxic shaving cream homemade bath paint recipe - using only 2 ingredients! Homemade bath paint for kids is so much fun, they will cherish the memory!

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Bath Paint for Sensitive Skin - Emma Owl

A while back we posted a recipe for bath paint, and it was fun…lots and lots of fun! The only thing is, that it contained soap, which is great for “washer washer washer” as Emma says, and no problem for most kids – especially since we used baby soap, but if your child is like […]

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