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Transform your home with a unique and efficient barrel stove. Explore innovative ideas to heat your space and add rustic charm to your decor.
Wood fired hot tub

Wood Fired Hot Tub: Wood-fired Hot Tub Perfect for 6-10 friends. It can be carried in the back of a small pickup truck. It takes about 3 hours to get up to temperature and cost about $650. Materials -55 gallon closed steel barrel ($30) -Barrel stove conver…

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This video shows you how to make a 55 gallon Barrel Stove with Heater Exchanger to heat your garage .This one uses a 30 gallon drum which goes inside the 55 gallon drum and the 55 gallon drum is used as a heat exchanger.The heat exchanger assists heat transfer to the room, largely determining how m Outdoor, Ideas, Garages, Pellet Heater, Barrel Stove, Stove Heater, Heat Exchanger, Garage Heater, Wood Gasifier

This project entails the construction of a low-cost garage heater utilizing a DIY outdoor barrel stove with a heat exchanger. The stove itself is built using a readily available 30-gallon drum, and the access doors and legs can be purchased at a local store, ensuring that the project is both

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How to Build a Barrel Wood Stove Inexpensively in Only 9 Easy Steps Woodworking Projects, Diy, Woodworking, Home Décor, Barrel Stove, Diy Wood Stove, Wood Heater, Wood Burning Stove, Wood Stove

Do you love the warmth of a wood stove? But you can’t have that because wood stoves can be rather expensive? Did you know you can turn a regular barrel into a wood stove? Let us show you how to build a barrel wood stove as an inexpensive DIY project, guaranteed to warm you up this winter.

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The BSK1000 is an all-inclusive kit containing everything you need to convert a 36 or 55 gallon steel drum into a stove. Kit contains legs, door, flue collar with damper and all mounting hardware. Perfect for a rustic cabin, pole barn or workshop. Simply put, this is the most basic stove you can buy. Camping Guide, Camping Stove, Pole Barn Kits, Barn Kits, Rocket Stoves, 55 Gallon, Survival, Heater, Sauna

Barrel Camp Stove Kit Company is an all-inclusive kit containing everything needed to convert a 55 Gallon steel drum into a primitive camp stove. Kit contains legs, door, flue collar with damper, and all mounting hardware. The Barrel is not included. This is perfect for campsites along with hunting and fishing situations. Simply put, this is the most basic camp stove you can buy. This kit is not EPA certified and is not designed for residential use. Features Installation materials are not…

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