Barber straight razor

Master the art of barbering with a straight razor. Learn essential techniques and tips to achieve the perfect shave for a classic and clean look.
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About this item 100% RUST-RESISTANT STAINLESS STEEL: Our straight edge razor is made from premium quality Stainless Steel with black powder coated blade to High Standard finish, guaranteed never to rust or tarnish ERGONOMIC & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Our Mens Gold Straight razor with premium steel handle provides easier holding & manoeuvring, saves discomfort, giving a reliable silken, smooth & perfect shave. Thumb notch on its shoulder enhances control preventing the razor to slip while shaving…

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Straight razors are serious business. Colonel Kurtz has nightmares about them. Mr. Blonde removes ears with them. Terry Crews throws one into a guys neck. They're not just weapons; they can also be used to shave that nasty hipster growth on your face that you just so happen to call a beard. In the world

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