Baby snail

Explore adorable baby snail ideas that are both cute and fascinating. Discover tips and inspiration for keeping a baby snail as a pet and learn interesting facts about these tiny creatures.
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Elles ne durent que l’espace d’un moment et pourtant je vous invite à regarder ces quelques gouttes de rosée qui fertilisent la terre et apportent dans leur sillage la mémoire de la vie. Au creux des feuilles telles des mains ouvertes, dans les herbes, patiemment la nature les recueille. Selon l’ancienne légende rapportée par Homère, se sont les larmes d'Aurore, la déesse aux doigts de rose qui ouvre les portes du jour.. They last only a brief moment and yet, I invite you to look more…

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We all know those baby animals are so cute they make us squeal and babble when we see them, but what exactly makes an animal adorable? Well, it might be the fact that they are usually perfectly round and extra fluffy and humans associate these traits with the animals being friendly and harmless. Yes, it may sound weird, but to us, humans, round objects evoke exactly those feelings. It also might be that cute baby animals are helpless, thus making us want to take care of them. Also, combine…