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Introduce your little one to a world of flavors with these mouthwatering baby food recipes. From purees to finger foods, find nutritious and easy-to-make recipes for babies aged 6-9 months.
Want to incorporate more protein sources into your baby's diet? With these simple ingredients you can boost your homemade baby food to contain nutrient rich ingredients that deliver a healthy source of protein. Making your own homemade baby food recipes is a great way to ensure your little one is receiving high quality nourishing foods that will build a foundation of healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. Baby Products, Foundation, High Quality, 12 Months, Baby Diet, Baby Foods, Parenthood, Incorporate

These first foods are perfect for creating homemade baby food recipes rich in protein with inexpensive ingredients that are easy to make and create a smooth puree your baby will love. Protein is an essential nutrient when your considering creating your own baby food at home. Often we think of meats as our only sources of protein, but there are also a variety of other foods that are healthy plant based sources of protein for feeding your baby.

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This post is for babies who have completed 9 months and just starting their 10th month. Below is my baby’s schedule for this month. This schedule is just for your reference. Please don’t try to fit your baby in this schedule. Let your baby decide his/her schedule to nap. And you choose a wise time […]

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