Baby bear

Explore a collection of adorable baby bear photos and videos that will melt your heart. Get ready to be amazed by the cuteness and playfulness of these furry little creatures.
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Our best friend, the dog, has been around for years now, making our lives a whole lot better. In fact, it has been proven scientifically that dogs make us happier and healthier. So they most definitely deserve a day dedicated to them, don't you think? Turns out, not only is there a day dedicated to dogs but there's one dedicated to puppies too, and that day is today!

Lauryen Renee
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It must have been a real challenge to move all those giant pumpkins and gourds, right? I hope the people grew them on their own property instead of buying them. Is it my imagination, or is this halloween/fall display blocking the front door? If so, maybe it IS haunted! via I adore this photo of a brown bear cub with the cutest face and pose ever. I have almost finished digging up and repotting plants to winter over and I did find some "evidence" of a visit from a bear quite close to the…

Jamie OConnor