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Explore a variety of delicious Ayurvedic food recipes that promote a healthy lifestyle. Discover how to incorporate these nutritious dishes into your daily routine for optimal well-being.
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12 Healing Ayurvedic Recipes to Try at Home

Before you dismiss Ayurveda as this week's trendy diet, the ancient food philosophy has actually been around for generations. A holistic medicine practice from India, Ayurveda focuses on balance. When it comes to the dining table, that means fresh, seasonal and local ingredients combined to promote digestion and harbor anti-inflammatory properties.

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The Best Ayurvedic Porridge Recipe - Ceylan Ayik

It is lightly sweet, spicy, warm, and creamy! As a Vata-Pitta type of person, this is what satisfies me in the morning! I learned this after long years of trial and error of various breakfasts. This bowl has healthy fats, complex carbs and plant based protein and it feels good from the divine smell to the light feeling in tummy!I sometimes make a seasonal fruit compote or just stew apples with some cinnamon and cardamom and add this to my porridge. Ayurveda suggests not to mix fruits with…

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Back in 2010, I celebrated my 30th birthday by learning Vedic meditation on Bondi Beach with Gary Gorrow, who is now a good friend. Gary has been instrumental in dropping little seeds of knowledge all around me to grow. I wanted to include one of his recipes in this book (as with my other cookbooks)

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