Avril lavigne costume

Get ready to rock this Halloween with unique Avril Lavigne costume ideas. Transform into the iconic punk rock singer and show off your rebellious side. Check out these top ideas to create the perfect Avril Lavigne look for your costume party.
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Siden Avril jo blev 27 forleden dag, - d. 27.09.11 - har VH1's The Fab Life lavet top 27 outfits! Yay kig med her! 2005 2008 Hvad Avril har at sige: "This is my look pre-performance at the Spike Lee film premiere. Yeah, this look is just me in a pair of Dickies, which, a classic bottom for me which I love. And my Abbey Dawn hoodie. And it has ears and I love wearing hoods so I like to design hoodies that are fun. Like ears or devil horns, or right now I’m designing some hoods that have like…