Ascension island

Embark on an unforgettable adventure to Ascension Island and uncover its hidden gems. Discover breathtaking landscapes, unique wildlife, and rich history while experiencing the ultimate getaway.
Photographed by Jason Larkin: Ascension Island is an island located near the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean - Darwin was the first person to discover this island but only passed it because he believed it was too volcanic of life to grow. According to ecoloigists, "Green Mountain shows that it is possible, in some cases, to turn largely barren areas into tropical forest in around 100 years, not thousands of years." Ruins, S Images, Travel Africa, Fantasy Land, Traveling Tips, Ascension Island, Island 2, Island Getaway, Fast Forward

Musings: Jason Larkin’s Mysterious Ascension Island

When I first saw Jason Larkin’s project, A Useless Island, I was immediately intrigued, even though I had never heard of Ascension Island or its history. Larkin’s images filled me with a sense of wonder and mystery. With a name like Ascension and an inlet named Comfortless Cove, it’s not unfair to say the island seems […]

Taylor Roig