Artisan sourdough bread recipe

Bake your own mouthwatering artisan sourdough bread with this easy-to-follow recipe. Learn the secrets to achieving a crispy crust and chewy interior for the perfect homemade loaf.
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Simple sourdough bread recipe that is great for both beginners and experienced sourdough bakers! With just 35 minutes of hands-on time and an overnight rise, I created an easy, uncomplicated method of overnight sourdough bread. It's light, fluffy, chewy and flavorful on the inside with a crispy, golden crust.

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Inspired by The Clever Carrot If you are new to sourdough, watch the step-by-step video here: Simple Sourdough Bread or in the post above. Troubleshooting: If you have issues with your dough being too sticky, please read this post: Why is my sourdough so sticky? The 4 common mistakes. Notes: You need an active sourdough starter. I have had success activating starters from: King Arthur Flour Breadtopia As always, I highly recommend investing in a digital scale before beginning any bread…

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