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1 million years ago (ok, actually 14) when I walked into my first art room there was absolutely nothing in it. Other than tables and chairs, there were no supplies, no white board, no decor. Nada. I had taken a job at a brand new beautiful school which certainly had it’s perks (clean, brand new, not having to inherit a

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Yesterday, some pretty big and exciting news was released: I'll be teaming up with The Art of Education in the creation of Everyday Art Room, a podcast dedicated to all things elementary art teacherin'! I sat down with Tim Bogatz, the co-'caster of Art Ed Radio to share the fun news. You can listen to our chat here and catch my very first podcast next Thursday. I'm super excited! I do hope you'll take a listen. In one of the first podcasts, I'll be chatting about how I start my school year…

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I've been trying to teach my students to use appropriate voice levels during art. One of my schools uses the voice level terms school-wide. Another school has a few teachers who use it and I never hear it mentioned from teachers at my 3rd school. So...I made up a voice level chart for each of my schools to post in the Art Room and I'm going to work on students understanding what I mean when I ask for "voice level 0 - or voice-level 1...". You can get a digital file of this Poster Here

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Teaching students rules and procedures is a skill in itself. You have to learn to teach it and then reinforce them while doing it in an engaging way. In this article, I'll give you some ideas of how to teach your students your classroom routines and expectations in a fun and engaging way.

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I think the number one question I get from teachers is "how do you handle classroom management"? I do have a system and I have had it for 13 years. It really works for me and I get a whole lot of work out of the kids because we have more time to focus on art and less time figuring out who is getting what or who is putting it all away. This is the system I use, you should find ways that will make your classroom run smooth as well. One system does not work for everyone but you are welcome to…

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