Arne jacobsen architecture

Discover the iconic architectural designs by Arne Jacobsen, known for his modern and functional approach. Explore the lasting impact of Jacobsen's work and be inspired by his innovative designs.
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national bank of denmark, copenhagen, 1961-1978. architect: arne jacobsen, 1901-1971. final stages completed by architects dissing+weitling. corner detail with swan chairs. materials: norwegian porsgrunn marble, concrete, brass, tinted and clear glass. with the introduction of tinted glass along with the clear glass, jacobsen's late modernist palette of surfaces came closer to a kind of black and white version of the early works of mies van der rohe, whose projects jacobsen was introduced to…

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arne jacobsen, architects own house, Søholm I, 1946-1950 Arne Jacobsen, Architecture, Modern Architecture, Copenhagen, Arne Jacobsen Architecture, Architect, Nordic Architecture, Jacobsen, Old Farmhouse

architect's own house, Søholm I, 1946-1950. architect: arne jacobsen, 1902-1971. along with the rødovre town hall, the søholm row houses - of which this one was his own home - made jacobsen's name famous internationally after his return from exile during the second world war and the german occupation of denmark. the basement is where most of his later projects were designed, it held his office for years. the first floor of the short wing to the left is a later addition to the søholm project…

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