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NRF24L01 Tutorial - Arduino Wireless Communication: In my last tutorial I created a NodeMCU based Duino Coin Miner. It is an awesome little miner that sits on my desk and mines few cents a day. However, adding these miners to my home network choked my WiFi router. Home Appliances and Smart Devi…

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Long Range, 1.8km, Arduino to Arduino Wireless Communication With the HC-12. : 6 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Drones, Arduino Wireless, Arduino Clone, Microcontrollers, Arduino Programming, Rfid, Wireless, Arduino, Tech

Long Range, 1.8km, Arduino to Arduino Wireless Communication With the HC-12.: In this instructable you will learn how to communicate between Arduinos over a long distance up to 1.8km in open air. The HC-12 is a wireless serial port communication module that is very useful, extremely powerful and easy to use. First you will …

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Low Cost Wireless Sensor Network on 433MHz Band: Many thanks to Teresa Rajba for kindly giving me her acceptance to use data from their publications in this article. *In the image above - the five sensor-sender units that I used for testing What are wireless sensor networks? A simple definition…

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