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Discover a wide range of Arduino Bluetooth projects that enable wireless connectivity for your devices. Get inspired and start building your own Bluetooth-enabled creations today.
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Arduino Bluetooth Basic Tutorial: UPDATE : THE UPDATED VERSION OF THIS ARTICLE CAN BE FOUND HEREEver thought of controlling any electronic devices with your smart phone ?Controlling your robot or any other devices with your smartphone will be really cool. Here is is a simple and bas…

Arduino OBD2 ELM327 I2C-LCD HC05 Bluetooth: 4 Steps Arduino Lcd, Usb Adapter, Microcontrollers, Arduino Bluetooth, Electronic Circuit, Bluetooth Adapter, Sensor, Obd2 Scanner, Arduino Programming

Arduino OBD2 ELM327 I2C-LCD HC05 Bluetooth: Intro This is a project of mine that I wanted to share with anyone that is interested in same thing that I was. I just wanted a simple output of the Coolant Temperature data that the ECU already has in its memory. That's easier said than done. Sinc…

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ESP32 Bluetooth Tutorial | How to Use Inbuilt Bluetooth of ESP32 Smartphone, Arduino Bluetooth, Bluetooth Device, Arduino R3, Bluetooth, Wifi, Arduino, Iot, Arduino Projects

ESP32 Bluetooth Tutorial | How to Use Inbuilt Bluetooth of ESP32 : Hi guys Since the ESP32 Board comes with WiFi & Bluetooth both but for our mostly Projects we usually use only Wifi, we don't use Bluetooth.So in this instructables i'll show how easy it is to use Bluetooth of ESP32 & For your basic Projects…

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