Apricot goldendoodle

Find your perfect furry companion with our selection of adorable apricot Goldendoodle puppies. Browse through our listings and bring home a loyal and loving addition to your family today!
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Simply put, there are lots of Goldendoodle colors that you can purchase from a breeder. With the surging popularity of the English Goldendoodle breed due to their hypoallergenic, nonshedding hair and their easy temperaments, they are being bred in all different sizes and colors. As one of the most friendly, affectionate, and playful dog breeds,...

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Many doodle owners are curious about the kind of coat their puppy will have when she grows up. For most goldendoodles, you can tell at birth whether or not the adult coat will have tight, poodle-like curls. Here are several F1b goldendoodles. They are pictured at infancy, as young puppies (most around 7-8 weeks of READ MORE

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