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This page refers any UNUSED CONTENT in OMORI that wasn't used and therefore removed in the final game. The content itself, as well as the context surrounding it, is extremely spoiler-heavy. It is best to view this page only after completing the entire game. OMORI DEMO (2018): TBA OMORI PROTOTYPE (2019): TBA The HEADSPACE versions of AUBREY, KEL, and HERO were originally planned to have voice lines when being tagged. However, these voice clips were scrapped but still exist in the demo's…


MARI is a major supporting character in OMORI. She is the older sister of OMORI in HEADSPACE, and SUNNY's older sister in the REAL WORLD. Her presence as a whole also serves as one of the major driving forces behind the game's story. MARI is a teenage girl with long, straight hair and bangs. In HEADSPACE, she has dark hair and eyes which are stylized as purple. She wears what looks like a variation of a Japanese seifuku. In the REAL WORLD, MARI had black hair, black eyes, and wore a purple…

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