Anish kapoor

Delve into the mesmerizing artworks of Anish Kapoor and discover the genius behind his creations. Experience the awe-inspiring sculptural masterpieces that redefine space and perception.
Anish Kapoor | MASS MoCA Something with mirrors maybe could be cool? Anish Kapoor, Mirror Artwork, Mirror Design Wall, Small Sculptures, Steel Sculpture, A Level Art, Wooden Case, Sculpture Installation, Mirror Art

Anish Kapoor | MASS MoCA

Anish Kapoor is known for creating sculptures with extraordinary surfaces that pull viewers in, encouraging close looking. Varying widely in scale and incorporating materials from stone and earth to silicone and PVC, his work combines formal precision with innovative engineering and a precise use of optics and reflectivity. In Untitled (2012), part of a larger

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