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Learn how to draw anime boy bases with these easy and helpful ideas. Create unique and dynamic characters using these step-by-step tutorials and unleash your creativity today.
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Tsuki Jūryoku a lazy but strong magic knight who mostly only wants to sleep and is just taking the magic knights exam because he got bored... no joke😅. To learn his magic and which magic knight squad he chooses read to find out....To Be Continued;) Nah, but actually he chooses the Black Bulls cuz it felt homey, yeaaaahhh The anime/characters/story plot belongs to Yūki Tabata the only thing that belongs to be is my OC, sadly... nah jk it's alright, yep (^-^)v

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17 Year old Haruto Amemori is the adoptive brother of yui komori, growing up in the church he was shunned abused mentally and physically by seiji yui and a few other nuns in the church, but fortunately for him he was loved by a few other nuns and some people who attended church, he's prettier then most girls which lead too yuis jealousy and hatred, what happens whens he's suddenly sent away with yui by seji too live with some distant relatives that he's never heard of, he's had some…

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