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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Animal Jam and discover a wide variety of animals, exciting adventures, and fun games. Join millions of players and create your own virtual animal kingdom today.
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The Pillow Room is a small building situated in the northcenter of Jamaa Township, where it was moved on September 28, 2023. It was introduced sometime during Beta Testing. It was originally located immediately south of Jam Mart Clothing, but it was relocated to the southernmost building when the Sol Arcade was introduced, replacing the Medical Center in the process. It was moved again on September 28, 2023 when it moved to a building diagonally across from Jam Mart Furniture and the Jamaa…

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The Fox is a members-only land animal. Foxes have small paws, slim legs, and a lean, compact body. Their default color is pale, reddish orange fur; a white underbelly, cheeks, and muzzle; and dark red ear and leg tips. Their faces are wedge-shaped, with a pointy and narrow nose, the surface being flat, and medium-wide triangular ears; the Fox is characterized by its large, fluffy tail with a white tip. In the right ear, there is an irremovable hole, not unlike the tear in the Arctic Wolf's…

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