Angel food cake recipes loaf pan

Discover mouthwatering angel food cake recipes specifically designed for baking in a loaf pan. Try these delectable recipes to create a heavenly dessert that everyone will love.
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Mini angel food cake in a loaf pan for two! Small angel food cake made in a bread loaf pan that uses just 7 egg whites. Small batch angel food cake to the rescue for Spring desserts and Mother's Day dessert. Angel food cake for one or two in my house! It's great sliced with small batch lemon curd and fresh raspberries.

Carrie Bussard
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Angel food cake is usually one of those fussy cakes I prefer to avoid. Anything that requires special pans and beating and sifting or other steps beyond "dump ingredients into a bowl" is generally more than I want to bother with. For this easy version, I simplified the process and ended up with two heavenly loaves: one to photograph and share, and another to eat all by myself.

Gail Smith

Angel Food Cake Loaf is a smaller sponge cake baked in a loaf pan, perfect for a quick summer dessert. Tastes delicious with fresh fruit and whipped cream!

Chasity Blanton