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Ancient alphabets

Uncover the fascinating history and hidden meanings behind ancient alphabets. Discover the origins and evolution of these unique writing systems and unlock the secrets of the past.
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Nov 23, 2019 - Description Revamped my Trucian alphabets. It's much more detailed and easy to understand, now; I'm thinking I might change/add a few things, though. A few interesting notes: Before the invention of writing utensils, Trucians wrote by either scratching messages into wooden tablets with their claws or by dipping their claws into colored dyes. Trucians write top-bottom, left-right. The Trucian alphabet has no lower-case letters. The Trucian higher-number system (#'s 9+) operates…

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The earliest recorded runes were used by the early Germanic tribes of central Europe and are believed to date back 1,700 years ago, though many think they date back much earlier. There are many arguments surrounding the origin of the runes some saying that they originated from Turkish alphabets whereas others Latin and Greek. The

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Chapter 3 - The First Writing, Story of The World Today we read chapter 3 which was a short chapter on the earliest people to use writings, i.e. the Egyptians and Sumerians. The girls then cut out the relevant lapbooking piece from The Chronicles of the Earth blog. They had to write something in both hieroglyphs and cuneiform into a little fold over matchbook. I printed out the heiroglyph alphabet from here Heiroglyph Chart and each girl then wrote something for the other person to decipher…

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Description You may remember the runes from a while back when I first introduced them. If you're interested in the long-winded explanations of each discipline, you can find them on the old deviation here. This is partially the product of my Macroeconomics class, where I started doodling my own runes out of boredom. The ones I was using previously were someone else's brush set, and those were the inspiration for my own runes here. As these runes are of my own creation, and specifically for…

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