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Genea-Musings: Genealogy Explained: "Do Siblings Have the Same DNA?" Graphic Dna Graphic, Genetic Genealogy, Dna Genetics, Genealogy Organization, Family Tree Research, Genealogy Websites, Genealogy Help, Ancestry Family Tree, Genealogy Chart

Mark Orwig is the writer of the Genealogy Explained website, and he has created a neat graphic to explain the answer to the question posed in "Do Siblings Have the Same DNA?" I encourage all of my readers to read the entire article because the science is interesting and the "deck of cards" example is familiar to most of us. The graphic is: Pictures are always better than many words, and this graphic shows why siblings (assuming they aren't identical twins) may not have the same ethnicity…

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DNA ancestry kits have been popular but sometimes the price just isn’t right. The Ancestry DNA kit is on sale for $49 right now at Amazon, a savings of $50. This beats the price at Ancestry by $19.95 after shipping. AncestryDNA helps you to discover the story of your past by uncovering your ethnic origins, […]

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