Amphibians chart

Explore the world of amphibians with an informative chart that showcases the diverse species. Learn about their unique characteristics and habitats for a deeper understanding of these fascinating creatures.
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SC.3.L15.1 Classify animals into major groups (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, arthropods, vertebrates and invertebrates, those having live births and those which lay eggs) according to their physical characteristics and behaviors.   Classifying animal cards to use as a visaulization. Animal Kingdom Classification Charts, Growth And Changes In Animals Grade 2, Biological Classification, Animal Biology, Classifying Animals, Vertebrates And Invertebrates, Science Anchor Charts, Animal Life Cycles, Animal Classification

So I've been spending the last few weeks going through the curriculum for my district and starting to accumulate some resources. I LOVE the science topics I get to teach this year. One lesson focuses on classifying animals. We discuss vertebrates and invertebrates, and then we classify vertebrates into more specific categories: mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. I just remember really enjoying this lesson as a kid. Below is an anchor chart I've made that shows, and briefly…

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Classification of Animals. Reptiles amphibians mammals birds. Crocodile Fish Lion Whale Snake Frog. Education diagram of. Illustration about jungle, nature, creatures - 116831567 Business Logo, Animals Live In Water, Classification Of Animals, Types Of Snake, Snake Drawing, Types Of Insects, Kingdom Animalia, Business Cards Creative Templates, English Lessons For Kids

Classification of Animals. Reptiles amphibians mammals birds. Crocodile Fish Lion Whale Snake Frog. Illustration about fish, animal, crocodile, insect, ostrich, background - 116831567

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