Amish town

Immerse yourself in the unique charm of Amish towns and discover a simpler way of life. Experience the beauty of handcrafted goods, delicious homemade food, and warm hospitality in these quaint communities.
Indiana Amish buggy with sun in the background

Since getting back from northern Indiana Monday night, I've been thinking about ways to share my trip with you. I usually return from these Amish journeys with a jumble of thoughts and photos...some of them become posts and some just sort of evaporate. In the interest of capturing as much of that as possible, I

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A mysterious cluster of deaths amongst Amish children has finally been solved Amish Pie, Amish Town, Cedar Point Amusement Park, Woman Riding Horse, Amish Culture, Amish Family, Amish Farm, Historical Museum, Amish Community

In 2004, two Amish children—siblings, in fact—died while playing. They weren’t doing anything particularly dangerous, just normal recreation, but somehow they both passed away suddenly. But in the intervening 15-odd years, a lot has changed technologically. So when two more siblings died more recently, the Mayo Clinic had better tools at their disposal. And they’ve now solved the mystery.

Trudy Langford