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American crow

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Wild Profile: Meet the American crow

Among the smartest of all birds, the crafty American crow is long-lived, has a big brain, and is highly adaptable. Research shows these birds can learn to count to five and can mimic human laughter and speech. Some people even swear that crows can actually talk…but that’s yet to be proven. One thing is certain:

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American Crows are familiar over much of the continent: large, intelligent, all-black birds with hoarse, cawing voices. They are common sights in treetops, fields, and roadsides, and in habitats ranging from open woods and empty beaches to town centers. They usually feed on the ground and eat almost anything—typically earthworms, insects and other small animals, seeds, and fruit; also garbage, carrion, and chicks they rob from nests. Their flight style is unique, a patient, methodical…

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Crows are thought to be among our most intelligent birds, and the success of the American Crow in adapting to civilization would seem to confirm this. Despite past attempts to exterminate them, crows...

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This is the common crow over much of the U.S. and Canada. Most easily identified by voice, a familiar “caw,” often repeated. Common in any open habitats, including fields, open woodlands, marshes, and cities, thriving around humans. Very social, usually seen in flocks, sometimes numbering in the hundreds or even thousands. Aggressive, sometimes seen chasing away hawks and owls. Separated from ravens by smaller size, smaller bill, shorter tail, and shorter, broader wings. Compare with Fish…

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Bird. Birds. Beautiful creatures. A medium-sized robin with a wide white wing that runs from shoulder to wingtip. It has white tail feathers, especially visible during flight. Males have black and white plumage. They have a good repertoire of melodious songs and are known to mimic other bird songs. The most frequently heard call is a whistle blown at dawn. Most of the time it is seen singing from an elevated and exposed position. #bird #birds #animal #nature
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Baltimore Orioles are medium-sized, stout-bodied songbirds with thick necks and long legs that are narrower and thinner than an American robin. Bird. Birds. Animal photography. Nature photography. Beautiful creatures. #bird #birds #animal #nature #beautiful #photography #Wisconsin #wi #oriole #passerine #blackbird
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