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Explore fascinating alien artwork that will transport you to another world. Discover unique and imaginative pieces that will ignite your curiosity and inspire your creativity.
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Blog dedicated to everything on the other side of light. This is a Psychedelics, Witchcraft, Magic, Spirit world, Scifi, Sexuality-safe space. Keep your mind open & consciousness free. Safe tripping! *All artists are credited, unless I wasn't able to find the source, in which case please contact me if you can help locating it.*

Angelica Hernandez
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Explore the mysteries of the ancient world with this UFO and Pyramid of Giza illustration, an abstract pyramid artwork that combines elements of sci-fi and Egyptology. This alien art print, presented as a sci-fi Egypt poster, offers an intriguing glimpse into the concept of extraterrestrial life and its connection to the enigmatic pyramids. It's an otherworldly addition to your art collection, available for sale, featuring a pyramid and UFO scene painting that sparks the imagination.

Laura Dimmig