Akiane Kramarik

Explore the remarkable talent and inspiring journey of Akiane Kramarik. Discover her captivating artwork and be inspired by her unique perspective and artistic vision.
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Visions from God can occur at any age. For many of us, the visions are later rather than earlier for a talent artist, her visions came when she was only 12 years old. This remarkable artist has an unique perspective on God and the paintings she creates are unmistakably masterpieces. Journey with us as we see this beautiful blond young artist. See a few of her pieces and most importantly, feel the love radiate from her artwork. Her work is truly inspiring.

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Ev Paulsen
Looked up this girl's story and painting "Prince Of Peace" after reading the book Heaven Is For Real..Both amazing! Images Du Christ, Pictures Of Jesus Christ, The Church Of Jesus Christ, Jesus And Mary Pictures, Life Of Christ, Akiane Kramarik Paintings, Heaven Is Real, Image Jesus, Real Image Of Jesus

Akiane's painting: "Prince of Peace: Resurrection" Check her website: www.akiane.com Akiane explains:"The light side of Jesus(Yeshua)'s face is representing:The truth; the dark side of His face is represeningt: suffering(Jesus'crucifixion) and the light in His eyes in the dark side is representing that Jesus is always with us while we are in the trials."

Nikki Hooker

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