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Scott Stowell and Open started work on a new ACLU identity last fall, but the ACLU started the process of bringing their communications more in line with what the organization had become (more open to participation) about three years ago. The new visual identity is just the latest and most visible part of that process. The logo was first revealed to the public on the ACLU website on Sept. 26. But the project is not finished! The identity keeps evolving and expanding. Stowell

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This past weekend, hundreds of thousands of protestors from around the country took to the streets to demand action against gun violence. The movement has been energized by young people who turned out en masse in response to the horrific shooting in Parkland, Florida, in which 17 people — most of them teenagers — lost their lives. We applaud the many students who have

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Williamsburg Police stats show high volume of African American arrests. ACLU says the chief gave a ‘passing the buck explanation’ Police Chief, Police Force, Department Of Justice, Police Department, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Community Policing, American Civil Liberties Union, Aclu, City Folk

People are calling for police departments across the country to look at their own arrest rates of minority individuals and the Williamsburg Police Department is no exception.

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