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Make learning the ABCs fun and interactive with these engaging activities for kindergarten. Discover creative ways to teach letter recognition and phonics skills to your little ones.

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share some of my favourite alphabet centres with you! I'm hoping that it can become a reference for your weekly centre planning :) 1. ALPHABET PLAY DOUGH MATS Do your kids love play dough as much as mine do? I'm always looking for new play dough mats to add to the mix. I made these this summer and the letters are big enough to use with play dough or other loose parts like buttons or pom poms! Play dough is great for developing finger muscles which will help our…

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This is my first time in a LONG time I can say I am not ready to go back to school after a break. Normally I am good and bored at the end of a week off of school and I am itching to get back. This break I spent visiting my daughter in Norfolk, VA and while it was AMAZING to see her and do A LOT of sight seeing I am tired!! I am not refreshed at all! Here are a few pics from our trip before I get started... Air and Space Museum Walked the entire National Mall, our feet were killing us…

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Super fun spot and dot letter worksheets to practice letter recognition and the ABCs! Because my kids absolutely loved these Spot and dot numbers worksheets, I decided to make a similar printable including the letters

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Is there anything better than quiet time activities? Nope. Not really. A great quiet time activity with an alphabet activities educational twist? Hmm - that is a little better! Throw in a quiet coffee for Mama and you are living the dream ... You know we adore our quiet time activities around here. But did

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Playful Learning • Crafts • Sensory Fun Let's Go! Recent Activities Painting with a Spray Bottle – Vibrant Process Art for Kids Painting with a spray bottle is such a fun and vibrant way to create process art while strengthening important fine motor skills! read more DIY Car Toy – Genius Craft Made with […]

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I think it’s safe to say that the warmer weather is FINALLY here to stay (fingers crossed), and we couldn’t be happier about it! This means water play ideas for preschoolers will be the name of the game. We need all the outdoor time we can get after such a long winter. Just before we

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An alphabet worksheet is a learning resource or activity sheet designed for young children, typically in kindergarten or preschool. This worksheet helps the students to study and practice their knowledge of the alphabet.

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