70s house

Step back in time with 70s house design. Discover top ideas to infuse retro vibes into your home decor and create a nostalgic atmosphere that reflects your unique style.
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Rodney Walker was resolutely not an architect. He saw himself in a larger role as both designer, and hands-on builder. Nevertheless, his innovative building concepts, and modernist vision, caught the eye of John Entenza who invited him into the now famous Case Study House Program where he designed and built three of the Case Study […]

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Discover how to elevate your home with retro 70s house interior accessories for that perfect vintage sanctuary. Explore ideas for incorporating classic lava lamps, macrame wall hangings, and vintage record players to create a space that's both nostalgic and stylish. Get inspired to blend the iconic 70s aesthetic with contemporary living for a home that's uniquely yours.

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