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Discover the endless possibilities of 3D printing technology and how it is revolutionizing various industries. Dive into the world of innovation and create your own masterpieces with this groundbreaking technology.
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Create Viral Videos with AI We hear about 3D printers all the time these days. They are very exciting but some among us do not know how 3D printing works. If you are scared of the process, you are going to miss a lot of fun. This infographic by the Canadian Press shows how 3D […]

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Cody Wilson, the self-described crypto-anarchist who on Monday was blocked from distributing schematics for 3D-printed guns online, is making good on his promise for “one hell of a week.” I am about to give you one hell of a week. — Cody R. Wilson (@Radomysisky) August 26, 2018 Exploiting what Wilson says is a loophole […]

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When 3D printing architectural models, you combine the precision of virtual 3D modeling with the tangibility of a physical object. Architects used to create scale models mostly out of wood or foam, but more and more of them are embracing the benefits of 3D printing their newest designs. Read

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