3d pencil sketches

Explore the world of 3D pencil sketches and be amazed by the lifelike illusions they create. Get inspired to create your own masterpieces and bring your drawings to life.
Wow! Awesome... I wish I could draw xD Tattoo, Drawing Hands, Graffiti, Draw, Drawing Faces, Skull Art, Skull, Skulls Drawing, Tatoo

I am Jerameel Lu, 24, a hobbyist from the Philippines. I am a Civil Engineer by profession, but Art is my passion. For now, Art is just my hobby: I’m still busy earning a living as an engineer, so I have little time to work on creative projects. For this reason, inspiration rarely strikes me. My job is internet-based and I work alone in my room on engineering estimates late into the night, and only log-off at 8 in the morning.

Joshua Bower